Jason Heeter

A true son of the midwest, Jason Heeter writes music that embraces an Americana melody to which we all can relate. His lyrics are deeply rooted in real-life encounters, telling down-to-earth stories that send the mind wandering into nostalgia.

The sounds of Heeter’s styles blend an eclectic mix of blues, country, and soul while simultaneously never shying from exploring other niche genres. The influences are evident — The Grateful Dead, Bill Withers, The Meters and Little Feat, just to name a few — and the vast nature of his catalog further confirms his natural talent. You may find him at a solo performance, or featured in a number of regional bands, including Heet and the A.C.’s, Shugyo, Shades of Soul and Ivas John Band, but one thing is for certain. With Heeter on stage, it’s gonna be a good time!