Evan Webb

I find myself being a lot of things in life. Mostly due to the fact that I can never seem to satisfy this need to know a little bit about everything. Consider me if you will on the novice side of the phrase “jack of all master of none.” Master of none maybe be more accurate, however. Which leads us to the music side of things in my life.

Music has always held a place in me, from the time I was little I was making up melodies or stringing together words to make up songs. It has always called to me, though I felt I never did give its due diligence. Now in the mid years of my life, I stick to just being a guy who writes songs as an outlet for thoughts, viewpoints, and feelings. It is a way for me to materialize this crazy world and all that comes with it into something tangible. I love to sing my songs and to hear in return that they invoke something within people. My band and I continue to record, release songs, and play shows as we are able. I don’t think I will ever make a living in music, but I continue create, consume, and thoroughly enjoy it.