Cajun Cowboys Food Wagon

Cape Girardeau, MO

The newest addition to the local food truck scene, LT's Tacos specializes in old-school street style tacos and tamales.



About Cajun Cowboy's


f absolutely ANYTHING could make Taco Tuesday a little spicier, it would be a fresh food truck rolling into Southeast Missouri. Taco Tuesday just got a little spicier. Señoras y señores, LT's Tacos.

Soon to be famously "Almost Fast," LT's has opened up shop in Jackson and will be slinging Taco Tuesday specials at 515 W Main Street (the old Pizza Pro) all day.

It's street style, family. We're talking steak, chicken, chorizo or ground beef with onion and cilantro. That's all you need, really. That, and quesadillas. And burritos. And rice. And beans.

The Menu


*Choice of meat: Steak, Chicken, Beef, Chorizo

Tacos $2

Quesadilla $5

Burrito $6


3 Tacos, Rice + Beans $9

Quesadilla, Rice and Beans $8

Burrito, Rice and Beans $9

*Soda included

+ Plus daily specials.

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